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Dueling Blades

Dueling Blades

While this isn’t TDM news, we’d like to share this Kickstarter campaign from our friends in California working on Dueling Blades. This game is really going to usher in a new type of genre into Facebook games. Help them out if you can.
Link to the Kickstarter Campaign for Dueling Blade’s

We’ve finally signed up on the TwitterSphere. You can follow us at @TwistedDragonM

As many of you have noticed, we haven’t had an update in a while. We are a small team and are currently completing a non-game development project which helps us fund the game development.

We have started on another side project, but part of us wants to focus on Revenge of the Recipe. We are also discussing re-tooling it for the PlayStation Vita. The thoughts don’t stop pouring in.

Please pardon any interruptions to our websites this week as we are moving all of our hosted solutions around! We’re hard back at work on various projects, including Revenge of the Recipe!!! Expect updates soon.

Greetings All,

I’m Ish with Twisted Dragon Media, LLC. I’d like to personally welcome and invite you to learn about our new studio based out of North Carolina.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to meet every single one of you!

President & Lead Designer
Twisted Dragon Media, LLC