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Map Preview & Additional Details Twisted Dragon Media

Map Preview & Additional Details

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Defenders of the Mystic Garden is a Tower Defense game coming out soon on the PSP Minis platform. These are 2 of the themed maps and their difficulty variants.



In Defenders of the Mystic Garden, you are protecting the Strawberries that belong to the Gnomes of this garden. You have four character classes to chose from, as follows:
Warrior – Close Range, but packs a mean bunch
Ranger – Long Range that can cover a wide area, but doesn’t deal as much damage
Fire Mage – Medium Range, medium damage
Ice Mage – Close Range, weak attack, but slows enemy units.

Players will strategically place units to defend against an onslaught of enemies grouped into multiple waves. Units can be leveled up, moved, set to Patrol between two points, and be sold.

Scoring is based on Wave progress, amount of gold possessed and number of units used to defend the strawberries. Each themed map (currently 4) has 3 difficulties, and each has its own high score.

The game is rendered with a mixture of 2D and 3D elements, with our goal being to get the artwork shown thus far into the game.

We are working on finalizing our character models, at which point we’ll be able to put a quick gameplay teaser or trailer for your enjoyment.

Until next time, we’ll be plugging away at putting as much polish into the game as we can.