Tips & Notes for M.O.Z.O.X. Space Salvager

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Thanks for the review JeremyR @! We feel it is a very fair and truthful review. I just wanted to answer a couple of questions I’ve seen on here and discuss some points noted.

Multipliers: They are purely for score, but other things happen when you get them. They are granted at 10 (2x), 25(3x), 50(4x), 100(10x) consecutive kills. If an enemy gets by you on the screen, then it is reset to 1x. At 2x you are also granted a double shot for your primary weapon. At 4x, you are granted a triple shot. Once you get to the point where you have the triple shot, if you lose it, it will be hard to recover. The key strategy is saving your special weapons.

When it comes to the rate of fire. Holding down the X button is almost as fast as pressing it rapidly, however this is not the case on the PS3 controller. Apparently you can press it a good bit faster , which makes playing on the PS3 a little easier.

As for the murky graphics. We were going for a cloudy nebula like effect, but it appears that it is too distracting for players, even more so on the PS3 (which we don’t have to test with). We are debating making an update to address this (and possibly add a high score table).

Couple other points and tips:
All bosses except for the variant in level 4 has a weakspot. The one in level 2, requires you to use a certain special weapon or the single shot (that’s the hint: think size).
Level differences- each level spawns more enemies, and then more asteroids. The boss’s health is also increased each level. Enemies are allowed to spawn sooner, and shoot faster. Also at level 6, you have the possibility of 2 enemies spawning at the same time, at level 8, this increases to possibly 3 spawning at the same time.

I really didn’t know a good way to explain this in the game, and was hoping for people to figure it out. But with all of the excellent competition out there, I figured I need to spill it, to avoid being overlooked. I’ll likely re-post this on the forums, and on our website.

Lastly, volcane(on the forums at noticed that I put a hint : L + R + Triangle. If you hold it down, when starting a new game, it will skip to level 5. Now while you may want to have an easier time and multiplier bonus, it does let you get into the heavier action sooner. We also compensate when you start here or replay a level, by stocking up your secondary weapons a good bit. The key to restarting a level is to use your special weapons to get the double shot quickly.

We hope you give us a shot and enjoy it!