Announcing M.O.Z.O.X. Space Salvager (minis)

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We are pleased to announce a small project we’ve been working along side Revenge of the Recipe (RotR) titled: M.O.Z.O.X. Space Salvager!

M.O.Z.O.X. is shmup(shoot’em up) with a more ‘Classic’ flat and horizontal camera, and another camera orientation we call ‘Action’. The ‘Action’ camera gives a 3/4 view and rotates the camera like a vertical shooter but presents the player with depth. In our focus-testing we found this mode, while more challenging, was much more exciting to our testers.

Check out this trailer for a sneak peak at some of the action you will encounter:

As you hopefully saw, the game gets chaotic, and you’ll have to know when to use your weapon upgrades and when to use your base weapon.

M.O.Z.O.X. Space Salvager will be available on the PSP® System & PlayStation 3® computer entertainment system via the minis section of the PSN Store on January 4th, 2011 for $2.99.

We know, its another shooter, but when we started this game there were only 2 on the minis platform and 2 others that were known about on the way. Knowing the marketplace and timing was a lesson to take away from all of this. We still implore you to give us a shot and provide feedback so that the next title will be that much better. We’ll have some promotions announced soon to celebrate our fist minis title.

In the coming days/weeks I will be providing some inside information on the lessons from this title, and why we were are glad to release this before RotR. We’ll discuss what got cut and why and strategy points to get that high score. So, stay tuned for more information as we continue to work towards an open development cycle.