A Different Kind of Update

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I just want to take a few minutes to tell you all what has been going on at Twisted Dragon. As I’ve stated before, we are a very small company, with primarily two working, one of which has been unable to work for the past 3 weeks. This all changes starting Monday. Notice I said one of us, earlier. Well, that means development continued within the company, but not on Revenge of the Recipe(RotR)!

How dare us, I know and too bad! RotR is proving to be a much larger game than we scoped. If we were to release it when we were planning, then the game would have taken 10 minutes and had no replayability. Since we are self funding this operation, we want to make sure we put the proper time into it. That being said, around mid next week we will be announcing a new game coming out also on the Minis program for PSP & PS3.

This game is much smaller in scope, and is more of an arcade, high score based, quick play, instant action game. The game won’t really have story per say, but will be great for quick gaming sessions. I’ll have more details on it soon. Starting Monday we’ll be doubling up efforts on getting this new game out the door. We are striving to have it out this year, but if not, it should be very early in 2011. This will delay RotR until late February/March at the earliest.

Chat soon!

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