Revenge of the Recipe Series for the PSP/PS3 Minis Platform

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Updated: Aug 18th, 2010 @ 23:46

We are proud to announce our new game series currently in development, Revenge of the Recipe! The game series will be told over 4 episodes, the first of which, Episode 1: Ninja Chow, is scheduled to release Fall 2010.

This is a single player, platform character action game series(episodic) of a family that runs a mom and pop restaurant. This game is the first in the series, features “Izo”(meaning: Iron or Ice) and “Yuna” (meaning: night/moon or hibiscus flower), owners and cooks of “Ninja Chow”. “Indigestible Foods” is a global chain restaurant that sends assassins to steal the families’ secret cookbooks. Izo must fight to recover their sacred cookbook, grabbing ingredients along the way to create recipes and meals for monks scattered across five levels of play. Search for more ingredients and unlock shrines to earn powerful new combos and abilities such as “Flaming Shrimp” (think hibachi chef). This first episode ends with the defeat of “Fuzen” (meaning: Evil or Sin), who is the head of the Japanese division of Indigestible Foods.

Below is a series of some early concept art:

Park Sketch 01

Park Sketch 01 by Chris Cooper

Yuna & Izo

Yuna & Izo by Chris Cooper

More details about the story and screenshots to come soon…

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